DynaPoint   ExportAssistant



DynaPoint extends the built-in slide reuse capabilities of PowerPoint, allowing users to “browse” their file systems, network shares, and even FTP sites for existing slides within a presentation, without opening the presentation.

DynaPoint puts robust capabilities, that wouldn’t normally be available, into the hands of even novice PowerPoint users. The ability to browse your file system and view slides within existing Presentations, without opening the presentation is an extremely powerful capability. Additionally, having the ability to actually embed or link to an existing slide, adding it to your current presentation is unprecedented.

The built-in browser is simple to navigate and use. Selected slides may be added to a new or existing presentation as either embedded static slides or as dynamic linked slides which are automatically updated to remain in sync with the original slide. DynaPoint eliminates the need for SharePoint slide libraries and simplifies slide selection beyond the functionality provided by PowerPoint alone.

Features Overview

  • Simplified PowerPoint Browsing

    Browse your file system and view slides within existing presentations, without opening the presentation.

  • Dynamic and Reuseable Content

    Add dynamic linked slides to a new or existing presentation which are automatically updated and synced with the original slide.

  • Reduced Presentation Creation Time

    Reduces creation time by eliminating the need to open multiple presentations to copy and paste slides from one show to another.

  • Low Introductory Price

    Group discounts available, as well as discounts for students and Educational Institutions.

  • Easy to Use, Intuitive Interface

    Extremely simple to use and requires less work on the part of the user than what is provided by PowerPoint alone.

  • World Class Support

    Technical Support available via phone and email. For answers to FAQ, visit our website.

  • Reduced Cost of Ownership

    Supported sources for dynamic linking include FTP sites, and network shares - no need for SharerPoint slide libraries.

  • Source Formatting

    Keep original source formatting or replace formatting with current presentation template schema.

  • One Free Year of Updates

    Receive updates for an entire year at no extra cost when you purchase DynaPoint. Limited time offer.



ExportAssistant adds to the already extensive functionality of Microsoft Excel by allowing the user to export selected data to new workbooks.

The ExportAssistant add-in provides Excel users with the ability to export data contained in a worksheet to separate excel files based on a given column value. Manually separating data from one large excel sheet into multiple smaller ones can be a time consuming and tedious task. ExportAssistant enables the user to automate this process saving time and money.